The Markman Lab

Undergraduate research assistants

Are you interested in becoming a research assistant? There are many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in our research. During the year, RAs typically enroll for academic credit, volunteer, or get paid through Federal Work Study (if eligible). During the summer, we host RAs from Stanford and elsewhere through summer internship programs (e.g., Psych Summer, CSLI Summer, HB-REX, SymSys Summer, and RISE).

No prior research experience necessary!

First, please refer to the People page for more information about the research currently going on in the lab. To inquire about RA opportunities, email any of the graduate students or post-docs directly, or email markmanlab at

Prospective graduate students

We are happy to accept applications for graduate students and post-docs for the coming year. Information about psychology graduate admissions is available on the department website.